Harden Firm History

A Strong Commitment From the Earliest Days
Harden was founded in Jacksonville, Florida in 1953 as Harden Insurance Services. The firm, now Northeast Florida's largest comprehensive insurance, risk management and employee benefits firm, was originally founded as a personal insurance provider.

Founder M.C. Harden, Jr. built the firm on two key principles that still guide the firm today: focus on client objectives and community stewardship. His dedication to client needs propelled the firm forward throughout the 1950's and 1960's. His equally ambitious desire to impact the growth and well-being of the community meant that he and his associates balanced their careers with civic involvement and non-profit leadership for a variety of causes.

Transitioning & Expanding to Meet Growing Client Needs
In the mid-1970's, M.C. (Ceree) Harden, III joined the firm to engineer the company's next important stage of development. He established Harden's commercial insurance services, further broadening the company's scope of offerings and client base. After his father's passing in 1980, Harden continued to build a team of high-level insurance professionals and expanded the firm's scope by helping establish Harden as one of the leading employee benefits providers in Jacksonville.

The firm flourished in the 1980's as a fully diversified insurance and employee benefits company. The personal insurance group, originally the cornerstone of the firm was now complemented by thriving commercial insurance, employee benefits and financial services divisions.

Refining & Perfecting A Nationally Acclaimed Delivery Model
With key business units in place, Harden was poised to make the 1990's a decade of unprecedented growth and development. The period was defined by careful attention to process and the development of a new strategic client service model. Client Support Teams were formed in all divisions, giving each client a multi-disciplinary Harden team that matched each of their internal risk management or benefits staff by function. The success of this client service model was augmented by the continual addition of associates with national credentials and certifications. The strategic process and performance-orientation they applied to all client relationships was soon formalized as QSS, or Quality Service Standards, now a hallmark of the firm and a nationally recognized delivery model.

Embracing Its Roots, But Looking to The Future
With over fifty years of service, its associates number more than 130. With more than $300 million in premiums placed, the company is now a major regional service provider and is accredited by the leading industry organizations. Most notably, the firm received industry rating service Reagan & Associates' #1 ranking in its 1999 Best Practices Study. It is a Charter Member of the Council of Insurance Agents & Brokers' (CIAB) Quality Insurance Congress.

Throughout its five decades, the firm's commitment to community and civic duty has gone unchanged. Executives and associates of the firm serve on boards and as volunteers. Harden has remained independent and Jacksonville-based, believing that clients value local access and a concentrated depth of "headquarters" resources delivered by the most talented and well-trained professionals in the region.